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SMEs to tap into entrepreneurial spirit to weather the fourth wave

SMEs to tap into entrepreneurial spirit to weather the fourth wave

Following South African President Cyril Ramaphosa’s announcement that the fourth wave of COVID-19 is expected to begin in December, many businesses face uncertainty. This is compounded with the issue of supply-chain disruption which the pandemic has wrought worldwide.

Industry Thermometer results reveal long-term impact of unrest in July

Local SMEs remain resilient despite instability

Recent data released by Skynamo’s Industry Thermometer has revealed that the unrest which took place in July is having a long-term impact on local businesses. This is following previously recorded signs of strong sales growth which were heading towards pre-pandemic figures.

Local SMEs remain resilient despite instability

Skynamo Industry Thermometer

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are essential to the economy’s health and predicted to lead an economic recovery post-COVID. However, many of these businesses are fighting to keep their doors open since the onset of the pandemic, with 89% impacted by the recent rioting and looting in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng, according to research by BeyondCovid. Positively, the latest data by Skynamo’s Industry Thermometer for July 2021 reveals that the political turmoil did not have as big an impact on sales as expected.

10 most popular Skynamo blog posts of 2020

Skynamo blog posts

Tips on how to realign sales strategies and business practices – in what has been the most difficult year of the decade and in many sales professionals’ careers – drew the most interest among readers. Other exciting news that was widely read and shared was the opening of Skynamo’s US headquarters in Atlanta. 

INTERVIEW: Skynamo Founder on Choosing a Career in Technology [IT News Africa]

Skynamo CEO Sam Clarke

In 2013, Sam Clarke – founder and CEO of local startup, Skynamo – decided he wanted to solve a problem that had been getting in the way of business for decades. A few years later, in 2020, Skynamo went on to secure $30 million in US funding and is now putting it to good use – starting with an app that supports & protects sales field agents in the fight against COVID-19.

Why the Skynamo field sales app can’t be downloaded on new Huawei devices (and why you shouldn’t try to hack it on there!)

huawei device with no access sign on screen

Skynamo’s field sales app, and other apps available in the Google Play Store, can’t be downloaded on new Huawei devices because of current trade restrictions. This is why you should not try to hack the Play Store onto your Huawei device.